Antibacterial Surface Cleaner

Desinfeksjon uten alkohol

Antibacterial Surface Cleaner er et svært hurtigvirkende og langtids- virkende produkt som brukes for å eliminere bakterier.

Dreper over 99,9% av bakteriene. Testet mot Coronaviruset.







Antibacterial Surface Cleaner is an alcohol free effective antibacterial product for any kind of surfaces. It works effectively, avoiding all bacteria resistance, and is very gentle to the environment.
Hygiene of Sweden combines non-chemical combination with a two-way polymer system (the backbone) and a selection of approved biocides or active agents.

The polymers are hydrophobic in nature and adheres the Hygiene of Sweden molecule solution to hard surfaces and organic materials. This adherent/hydrophobic quality also makes Antibacterial Surface Cleaner water resistant. All of this means that the active ingredient remains in place. It creates an incredibly hostile environment for the bacteria’s and creates a long-lasting residual anti-microbial action.

The high molecular size of the polymers prevents any of the ingredients to enter the body and keeps it on the top of the skin.
The combination of physical and chemical action mode prevents any bacteria to become resistant.


Hygiene of Sweden Antibacterial Surface Cleaner can be used both by consumers and professionals on any surface. Should be used everywhere you want to avoid spreading or get any contagion for ex:

- Gym
- Public toilets
- Flight
- Hospitals
- Health care facility - Any transports
- Hotels
- Schools



Physical form: Liquid

Color: Transparent

pH: 6-7

Scent: Characteristic

Dilution: Ready to use

Shelf life: 24 months



Compared to alcohol-based sanitizers:
- Kill 99,999 % bacteria
- Gentle to any surface
- Still active after dried in, long lasting residual effect - VERY effective against Norovirus

- Not flammable



500ml, 10L


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